Frequently Asked Question

Where are you based? Are you open to travel for my wedding?

We are based in Kolkata, India and sub branch or meeting place are Ranchi, New Delhi & Haldia. If have any doubt about our travel then we can say just we enjoy travel.

Which location have you travelled for shooting wedding? Have you covered destination wedding?

Yes of course we have shoot wedding all over India and abroad. We have the privilege of shooting in almost every corner of India, as well as the beautiful destination wedding photography spot like Singapur,Thalland, Srilanka,Abudhabi, Kaulalampur…etc.

Do you charge extra for outstation assignment?

Simple answer is “NO”. Ourcore assignment fees never change depending on distance.

What about travelling cost of your team?

Travelling cost means our base place to event place transport expenses. Normally prefer normal transport expenses. Normally prefer normal transport service. Where we can carry our large and heavy equipment at an easy and secure way.

Who provide your travelling cost or transport charge?

Travel includes or exclude at both situation, events time any type of transportation for your one event place to another event place must be provided by you. And we expect privilege transport service to cover your every moment’s time to time.

If we provide excluding travel cost means Base place to events place & return expenses provided by you.

How many team members do you travel with? Reducing the crew size can reduce my cost?

We believe in quality not quantity. We provide minimum crew according your requirement, which we promise so reducing crew member not a solution. Every wedding are different no of guest, area of events, events schedule are different, according those multiple situation we would require to talking with you personally to decide the number of crew need.

What is exclude accommodation?

Exclude accommodation means accommodation provided by you. After all, our crew members need a clean, simple & secure place where they can take rest for your events. Security and privacy is most important because some time crew member need technical work [transfer data and backup your memory, charging] up to late night or awkward times.

But we always prefer to stay with you and your family it helps us to be familiar with family member.

Include accommodation means?

The price we declare or send as an estimate orbill[as quotation] include accommodation means the price have no hidden cost for accommodation. If we simplify then can say accommodation is our responsibility at your event place.

What is different if we book you and never meet before events? If we ask you to meet at our events place or home is it possible?

At this digital time you want best quality and for this reason everyone wants to search at web or social. We feel your demand and provide service from any corner. Our firm is registered & you pay at current A/C via registered payment gateway [Like Payumoney] so you can understand we try to provide full trust because wedding is your emotion. Not only that we also provide contract/ agreement paper, you and firm are bonded via terms and condition. We also provide you login where you can check all your details.

Normally we try to meet at your event place/ home if we feel it’s necessary to fulfill our promise.

We can’t receive email from or

Please check the spam. If it at spam then change our email address as not spam for further communication.

If email not at inbox or spam then call us to solve the issue.

How you deliver photos and other contents like video, album, teasers or wedding highlights etc.

: We deliver multiple processes like photo we provide you via Google drive or any other cloud service. Video also we provide via cloud, any extreme heavy file which is not possible to provide via cloud we send via courier service.

At the cloud we keep your photos a specific time.

If you want to keep your photo for long time according your requirement then has to pay extra charge.

How much time you take to deliver whole content?

It’s depends on you and also us. We take normally 120 working days from our side. After delivery of photo normally you take few times for selection that type of time not in count at our side.

What amount of photos we get? How you decide no of photos?

It’s depends on your project contract/ agreements. No of photos we provide depends on your guest strength, location, Events timing and no of events.

What is edited photo and what type of edit you done.

We try to capture every moments of your events. But huge photos have technically error. So we select yours photos according to our standard and edit photos at editing software. Edit means we control exposure, highlighted area, crop & color. There have no photo manipulation. If we manipulate then have a chance to change your events emotion.

If we want early to some photos or videos for social post?

yes why not we can understand your family and friends wait for your photos we also try to provide few photos. We also try to provide few photos between seven [7] working days for your social post. Any type of video is not possible to provide.

If we want all photos and videos urgent according to our schedule?

Some case we need to boost our editor to edit your photos at shorter time. In that case we charge extra cost

What is the difference between cine wedding & traditional Video?

Traditional video provide you all moments according to your events it’s most important to store your memory as it is. Normally traditional video is lengthy. ‘Cine wedding’ in a single word cinematic feeling in the video. If you want to cine wedding its must me expensive because increase of crew members, equipments and edit costing. So always we try to provide cine wedding quality without compromise of quality. Length of cine wedding is 10 min to 35 min and it’s depending on budget. You never can compare with traditional video. At the cine wedding video which sequence we keep it’s totally depends on our creativity and editing. We always take your suggestion but it’s depending on us.

Which format of softcopy photo we can expect?

Normally we provide JPEG/ JPG format softcopy with print resolution [300px/Inch] and each file normally less than 15mb.

If you want any specific photo with specific size and resolution then inform us before the delivery of image.

We always try to provide common format which normally use.

If you want any specific format after delivery then it’s take time according our delivery queue.

Which format of video we can get as a final delivery?

Normally we provide MP4 format because this format keeps quality of video best. But sometime you need different format video at that case we not prefer to convert another format for quality issue. Converted file can decrease our promising quality.

We select photos for print album but not pay final amount is it possible?

We can understand your feelings but sorry final payment indicates print album or any other final delivery [remaining content]. We start process to print after your payment at the case of print album same concept applicable at other final delivery we start process for final delivery after receiving your final payment.So have a request try to pay earlier.

You can’t provide photos according to promise what happened at this situation.

Different time we face that type of situation at different format. We always try our best to keep our promise but sometime mismatch of communication,shortage of key events time, disturbance of location, interrupt by events time guest, Mentally disturbed and tiredness of client, different type of interruption at our shoot time can effect to provide service.

You can’t provide video according promise what happened at this situation.

Different time we face that type of situation at different format. We always try our best to keep our promise but sometime mismatch of communication,shortage of key events time, disturbance of location, interrupt by events time guest, Mentally disturbed and tiredness of client, different type of interruption at our shoot time can effect to provide service.

Can I manipulatecine-wedding video?

We are in this field last few years. Our team member too much experience at this new trend. We always try to keep our quality and can understand your feelings, we personally suggest don’t manipulate according you, it’s can decrease the quality and sense of video.

So we always take your suggestion for better performance.

How we pay you. Or what type of payment method you accepted.

Actually we accept all type of payment method, which you feel comfortable. Like NEFT/RTGS for direct Net Banking, Online payment via payment gateway at this case we take 3% [Time to time may be change] extra for transaction charge. Also we accept cash and cheque.

How all process is completed? Can you provide flowchart?

Yes why not, I hope this flow chat will help you ……

  • Select us as a wedding photography firm.
  • We ask you some details by the whatsApp or email.
  • Then we create Assignment details & Agreements or contract paper.
  • After you review we provide or generate Estimate amount.
  • Pay the Amount according the contract and confirm us.
  • After every payment you must receive Payment receipt.
  • Start our process to provide best service we always try to keep touch with you and others according to our necessity.
  • After completion your event pays the amount according to agreement.
  • We send you photos & video via cloud or pen drive or DVD.
  • If necessary to print then send us image no according specific format and pay the required amount for printing.
  • Print sends via currier or by hand.
  • Whole process completed, we alert you about deletion the photos from cloud or our storage.
  • Finally we fulfill your project.

What happened if my addresses change?

Before sending currier we always try to confirm address. We expect your responsibility to inform if any change in address.

Is it possible to boost up currier service to reach my content quickly?

We always try to provide service as soon as possible but we can’t promise to provide first service at the case of currier.