Our Story

A rising creative studio of the present era in Eastern India. Mid of higher education form Banaras Hindu University a few students from middle class family derailed themselves from the so-called service career and cherish an intension to represent their technical knowledge in the real life through creative work. One of them was a hobby to work behind the camera.

In the year 2012 it was established but for proper motivation it was not such bloomed. After completion there education in 2015 Debajyoti kicked again with his five years freelance Photojournalism experience when photographic work published in various international news wire. After all buildup a studio for multipurpose creativity such as Wedding Photography, Web Design.

On request of the friends now Muddyearth is giving more emphasis specially on Indian wedding Photography to preserve the valuable and memorable moments of their lives through it’s advanced photographic skill. This firm can fulfill all shorts of modern expectations on photography by capturing the moments with in desirable time limit and expenditure.

Debajyoti Das

Freelance Documentry Photographer

Debajyoti starts own behind camera life since mid of 2010. That’s the time when a compact camera brought for family photography of middle class lifestyle. Searching for purchasing new camera attracted the unknown world of photography. Finally he find a way to expose his untold story of life. At the age 20 with a basic fresh new DSLR camera Debajyoti packed own backpack for Chennai when he never travel out of hometown.

Published Work

Team Members

Alok Sinha Cinematographer

Mumbai, India

Priyatosh Sinha Roy Cinematographer

Malda, India

Sumit Mallik Candid Photographer

Kolkata, India

Apurba Mallik Candid Photographer

Malda, India

Alok Sha Makeup Artist

Kolkata, India

Sashswata Nandan Cinematographer

Kolkata, India

Milton Biswas Cinematographer

Kolkata, India

Arindam Bhowmik Cinematographer

Kolkata, India